Guidelines for Authors

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The Palestinian Medical and Pharmaceutical Journal (PMPJ) is a peer- reviewed open access online journal that publishes original ‎research and other types of papers in a wide variety of medical and health ‎sciences


Papers submitted for publication to the PMPJ must not have been published, accepted for publication or currently under consideration for publication elsewhere (please refer to our Ethics policy).

An-Najah National University reserves all rights of reproduction and republication of material that appears in the PMPJ.

Papers submitted for publication to the PMPJ should conform with the Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts Submitted to Biomedical Journals which can be found in the following location:

All manuscripts must be accompanied by the following written statement, signed by the corresponding author:" The undersigned authors transfer all copyright ownership of the manuscript entitled (title of article) to PMPJ in the event the work is published".

Statements and opinions expressed in the articles and communications therein are those of the author(s) and not necessarily those of the editor or publisher; the editor and publisher disclaim any responsibility or liability for such material. Neither the editor nor the publisher guarantees, warrants, or endorses any product or service advertised in this publication; neither do they guarantee any claim made by the manufacturer of such product or service.

All articles submitted for publication must be written in English language.

The title of the paper should be as concise as possible, preferably not more than 15 words. The full name(s) of the author(s), institutional affiliations(s) and highest scientific degrees obtained should be provided. Please include the e-mail address and any other contact information (mailing address, fax, telephone) of the corresponding author. 

All authors should have made material contribution to the design, analysis or writing of the study and have approved the final version submitted. No change in authorship will be permitted after the paper has been accepted for publication and any change before this must be agreed by all authors listed. Names of other contributors may be included in the acknowledgements. Please see the ICMJE guidelines for authorship and contributorship

Research articles and Reports: ‎Papers reporting original research findings should follow the IMRAD ‎format: Introduction; Methods; Results; Analysis; and Discussion. The ‎text of research articles and reports should not exceed 3000 words ‎‎(excluding the accompanying abstract, references, tables and figures). An ‎abstract of not more than 250 words should be supplied, clearly and ‎briefly stating the objectives, context, results and conclusions. The ‎maximum number of references permitted is 30. The number of tables ‎and figures should not exceed one per 1000

Review articles:‎ There are critical assessments of research on topics of relevance. These ‎should contain sections dealing with objectives, sources, methods of ‎selection, compilation and interpretation of data and conclusions. The ‎text should not exceed 3000 words (excluding the accompanying ‎abstract, references, tables and figures), and should be accompanied by ‎an abstract of not more than 250 words. The number of tables and ‎figures should not exceed one per 1000 words, and the maximum ‎number of references is 20.‎

Case reports: ‎Only reports of cases of an unusual nature are considered for publication. ‎Text should include an Introduction, the Report of the case(s) and a ‎Discussion. The text should not exceed 2000 words and the number of ‎references kept to a minimum. No abstract is required.

Letters to the Editor: Letters commenting on published articles are welcome. Letters will be ‎sent to the authors of the original article for their comments, and these ‎will be published along with the letter. The text of letters should be kept ‎as short as possible.

Short communications: ‎Articles which do not constitute a complete research study but are of particular relevance or importance to public health issues in the region are ‎occasionally considered for publication. The text should not exceed 1500 ‎words (excluding the accompanying abstract, references, tables and ‎figures), and should be accompanied by an abstract of not more than 150 ‎words. The number of tables and figures should not exceed one per 1000 ‎words and the maximum number of references is 15.

  1. Where applicable, a statement must be included indicating approval for ‎the study was granted by the ethics committee/institutional review board ‎of the relevant institution.
    Authors should verify where appropriate that all persons on whom ‎research has been carried out have given their voluntary, informed, ‎written consent, and where participants (living or dead) were unable to ‎give such consent, that surrogate consent was obtained (please refer to ‎our Ethics policy). Authors may be asked to supply such consent forms. In cases where participants cannot read and write, oral consent is ‎acceptable. 
  2. Conflicts of interest: Authors must provide a statement detailing any ‎competing interests. Please see the ICMJE guidelines.

Title page: The Title page should include authors' names and academic degrees; departmental ‎and institutional affiliations of each author; and sources of financial assistance, if any. ‎Listed authors should include only those individuals who have made a significant, ‎creative contribution. Designate one author as the correspondent, and provide address, business and home telephone numbers, and fax number and E-mail. ‎

Formatting: Manuscripts should be provided in word processed format (preferably Microsoft ‎Word) double-spaced, A4-size.  ‎

References: References should be in vancouver style‎.

Figures and tables:‎ With appropriate captions each should be on a separate page, numbered ‎sequentially with Arabic numerals and attached at the end of the paper. ‎Each figure and table must be referred to in the text. Where appropriate, ‎sources should be given. If any figures, tables or other materials have ‎been copied from other sources, authors have the sole responsibility for ‎securing the necessary permission. In order to avoid layout problems in ‎final production, tables and figures should be limited as far as possible. Figures must be supplied in a format which can be edited, preferably ‎Microsoft Excel format, and figures derived from data must be ‎accompanied by those data, e.g. Excel data sheet, to enable redrawing if ‎necessary. Photographs and illustrations should also be sent as separate ‎files. The preferred format is JPG or TIFF; resolution should be minimum ‎‎300 dpi.

Submissions: that do not comply with these guidelines will be returned to ‎the author for correction before being considered for publication.‎

Manuscript and Covering Letter

Submit your manuscript and covering letter through online submission system. All manuscripts must be accompanied by a standard cover letter. This letter should be uploaded as separate ‎document along with the manuscript.‎

Review Process

The Editorial Office of the Journal checks each submitted manuscript for ‎general quality, suitability and whether it conforms to the accepted ‎format. All manuscripts are checked for plagiarism; if discovered, ‎immediate strong action is taken. If found prima facie acceptable, the manuscript will be sent out for double-blind external review, typically to ‎‎2 reviewers who must declare any conflict of interests. Substantial delays ‎can be avoided if authors comply with this Guide. Comments and ‎suggestions from the reviewers are conveyed to the authors. The ‎amended manuscripts resubmitted by the authors may once again be ‎subject to expert review, if necessary. The final decision as to acceptance ‎or rejection lies with the Editor-in-Chief, with advice from the PMPJ ‎Editorial Board and the University Academic Publications ‎


Papers selected for publication are edited by the PMPJ Editorial Office ‎for brevity, clarity, grammar, spelling and style. When the editing is ‎extensive, with the possibility of altered meaning, the manuscript is ‎returned to the author for approval. ‎

Proofs and Prints

One set of galley proofs will be provided to the corresponding author, in ‎the form of a portable document file (PDF), for typographical checking ‎only. It should be returned within 48 hours of receipt. The corresponding ‎author will be provided with one copy of the issue per author of the manuscript. Since high quality PDF reprints are downloadable from the ‎PMPJ web site, physical reprints are not issued. ‎

Checklist For Authors

  • Manuscript conforms to PMPJ Uniform Requirements?
  • Cover letter signed by all authors and all required sections completed? 
  • E-mail address provided? 
  • Abstract has required length and sections? 
  • Key words included? 
  • Author-names, abstract & keywords provided?
  • Manuscript conforms to PMPJ style, length and number of sections? 
  • Tables, drawings, charts and photographs separate from the text and in ‎editable format? 
  • References in the Journal’s exact style? 
  • Have all sources been acknowledged, ethical permission received, any ‎conflict of interest declared and copyright issues resolved?
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