Acne vulgaris is a very common skin disease. It affects almost everybody at a certain age. Many studies tried to understand the role of smoking in the pathogenesis of acne. Unfortunately, contradictory results have been reported. The goal of this study is to conduct a case-control study investigating the association between smoking and acne vulgaris. A case-control study was performed during October 2017. A questionnaire was administered to be filled carefully. Our cases were outpatients who have visited dermatologists for acne. Controls were students randomly chosen from Al-Quds University. Acne stratification based on mild, moderate, severe was done according to the number and type of acne. Crude and adjusted Odds Ratios (OR) with the 95%confidence interval (95%CI) were used. Crude and adjusted OR between acne and smoking showed no association except for people above the age of 20 years old. Crude OR was at 0.782 with 95% IC= (0.451-1.354); adjusted OR for sex and age was at 1.237 with 95% CI (0.654-2.319) and 1.453 with 95% CI (0.770-2.740), respectively. Adjusted OR for people ‚â•20 years of age was significant at 1.779 with 95% CI (1.006-3.148). There was no association between acne and smoking based on the results we obtained. Nevertheless, smokers who were ‚â•20 years of age had a slight increase in risk compared to smokers who were <20 years of age, with a significant adjusted OR ratio of 1.779 95% CI (1.006-3.148).

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