Stafne's defect is a rare defect of the mandible that is developmental in origin. It presents as a well-defined, corticated radiolucent lesion on the lower border of the mandible, inferior to the inferior dental canal when associated with submandibular gland. Stafne's defect above the level of the mandibular angle is rare, and as far as the authors are concerned never re-ported in the mandibular condyle. This case presentation reports a case of atypical Stafne's defect at the mandibular condyle in a young, medically fit, male patient, who presented com-plaining of pain at the left tempromandibular joint area. Diagnosis was mainly built on his Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and Computed tomographic Scan (CT) findings. No inter-ventions were done regarding this lesion and patient is being followed up for 2 years. This is a case report of Stafne's defect located in an unusual anatomical place. We believe that this case report and review of the related literature will add knowledge and change clinician's way of thinking regarding these defects.

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