Hypoxia is defined as a hypobaric stress condition due to the atmospheric pressure in body cells and tissues. Hypoxia induces the formation of free radicals and causes damage to the cell. This study aimed to investigate the antiproliferative effects of hypobaric stress conditions and determine whether hypoxia could induce apoptosis in C-4 I cervical cancer cells. Human cervical carcinoma C-4 I cell line was used in this study. Cells have passaged twice a week and hypoxic conditions were performed in a specially prepared hypobaric cabinet with a rate of 98% N2 and 2% O2. Fractional hypobaric hypoxia conditions were applied 3 times for 3 hours at 24- and 48-hours intervals. MTT assay was used to measure C-4 I cell prolifer-ation under hypobaric stress conditions. Morphological changes and cell density were investigated under a phase contrast microscope. Apoptotic Index (AI) and apoptotic morphological parameters were assessed by fluorescent microscopy using DAPI stain. Statistical significance was determined using one-way ANOVA. Hypobaric stress conditions inhibited the proliferation of C-4 I cells in a time-dependent manner and induced apoptosis in C-4 I cells. These results provide evidence that hypoxia induces antiproliferative effects and apoptosis in C-4 I cells. Thus, the results of this study will be the basis for further studies of hypobaric stress conditions to develop new alternative cancer treatment methods.

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