While the ongoing COVID-19 (Coronavirus disease of 2019) pandemic has destabilized the health system worldwide, its psychological and social impact on those affected by the virus cannot be undermined. This study aimed to assess compliance to following general preventive measures, risk, and stigma associated with COVID-19 among the study population. The present study was a cross-sectional study, and it was conducted among 300 patients from a dental hospital in Bhubaneswar through interviewing patients in the hospital based on a 22-item questionnaire collecting socio-demographic data and consisting of questions concerning patients' perception of risk and social stigma regarding COVID-19. The statistical analysis was performed using the Chi-square test using SPSS version 23 at a 5% significant level. Females were found to be apprehensive about buying fruits and vegetables from vendors and going to their place of work due to the risk of COVID infection. Socioeconomic status (SES) was significantly associated with compliance, risk, fear, and stigma. Risk of infection was seen among 41.6%, and 10% agreed to treat those who had symptoms, tested positive, or recovered from COVID-19 infection differently. Even though the risk for infection and compliance to follow preventive measures in the study population was low, stigma towards those who had symptoms or recovered from COVID was observed. Hence, steps should be taken to highlight the importance of following preventive measures and addressing the stigma associated with the infection.

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