Liquid chromatography-mass spectroscopy (LC-MS) was used to detect the phytochemicals present in the extracts of propolis from Umudike. The dereplication study of the hexane and ethyl acetate extracts of green, brown and red propolis samples from a hive in Umudike Umuahia Nigeria were studied using MestReNova software. About 31 compounds previously reported from Africa propolis were detected. The results revealed the presence of 23compounds were found in the ethyl acetate extract of the brown propolis, while 20 were detected in both the ethyl acetate extract of the green and red propolis. The hexane extract of the brown propolis showed 20 while the hexane extracts of green and red propolis showed 16of thecompounds. The druglikeness screening of the compounds were carried out using MestReNova software by determining the physicochemical properties of the phytochemicals which showed positive potential based on the Lipinski rule of five for druglike compounds. Molecular docking using the compounds and some standard cancer drugs on Cyclin dependent kinase protein (PDB ID: 6GUE) to determine the inhibition ofcancer cells suggested that some of the compounds have potentials as anticancer drugs.

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